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[Licensed] LUMENA N9-FAN PRIME Desktop USB FAN

[Licensed] LUMENA N9-FAN PRIME Desktop USB FAN

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Korean brand Lumena, FAN PRIME 8″ wireless fan, can be freely adjusted in height by 140 mm and rotates at a large angle of 120 degrees. The proprietary airflow design technology, unparalleled performance and design, creates an overwhelming strong breeze

Using a fifth-generation smart chip, the wind power is 20% stronger than the traditional fan, and is 30% more efficient. With a built-in 8000mAh battery, the wireless use time is up to 30 hours, and the weight is only 950g. 

Lumena's proprietary 10W high performance premium (BLDC) brushless DC motor with long life, fast heat dissipation and low noise
7-blade design makes the airflow more even, powerful and quieter than other brands on the market

4-stage wind speed adjustment, 4-stage time control
Battery level display function
Easy-to-fold mask, easy to clean
International Red Dot Design 2019 and IF Design Award 2019 Design Award
South Korea KC safety certification, safe and reliable
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