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Bear 小熊 多功能迷你氣炸鍋 | MAF-091CW |現貨 | 全港至平 | 優惠期至 3月31日

Bear 小熊 多功能迷你氣炸鍋 | MAF-091CW |現貨 | 全港至平 | 優惠期至 3月31日

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✔️ 2升容量:適合1-3人份量
✔️ 0~30分鐘定時:滿足不同烤炙🕰️
✔️ 分離可拆炸籃:清洗不費時間🧼
✔️ 單旋鈕操作:製作美食更簡單👌
✔️ 拉開烤盤即斷電:隨時安心取拿🙌


此產品不適用於 以充值卡形式 購買,本公司有權要求客人補回產品費用。

Cooking Instructions

1. Heat oil in a wok, fry the dried shrimp until fragrant and set aside.  

2. Fry the chicken pieces in the same wok until fragrant and set aside.

3. In the same wok, add konjac rice and stir-fry it (You may add some water to it if needed)

4. Add chicken pieces, shiitake and dried shrimps, stir-fry it.

5. Add sauces according to personal taste (recommend to add 1/3 sauce to the rice and taste it first). Ready to serve.

Serving size

Serving for two


Shelf Life

4 days starting from the delivery day, refrigeration required

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