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Morphy Richards Multifunctional Cold Pressed Juicer MR9900

Morphy Richards Multifunctional Cold Pressed Juicer MR9900

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Morphy Richards Multifunctional Cold Pressed Juicer adopts spiral low-speed extrusion method, instead of the high-speed rotation of the juicer blade to chop fruit, to maximise the retention of fruit nutrition; low-speed fine grinding, the pure juice rate is as high as 90%; The squeezed juice uses fresh bubble technology to subtly collide with the juice and bubbles to enhance the taste.

① Lightweight body, mini and compact
The volume and weight are only 1/4 of the traditional juicer.
② Fruit bubble fusion
Built-in soda water function, three-step quick pumping, fusion of bubbles and pure juice, fresh and refreshing taste upgrade.
③ Filter-free and residue-free, one-flush and clean
Patented fast flushing and juicing technology, no-net innovation, one flush and clean, easy to clean.
④ Low-speed freshly squeezed original flavour
The spiral low-speed extrusion technology reduces the heat generated during rotation, does not destroy the nutritional molecules of the fruit, and alleviates the problems of juice oxidation, discolouration, and stratification
⑤ Small cylinder, easy to carry
300ml portable capacity, which is equivalent to a small water glass, and sparkling juice is easy to take away.
⑥ Easy to install and easy to operate
Align the card slot and install it with one twist; toggle switch, one-button operation.
⑦ Food-grade material, durable quality
It is made of PCTG food-grade material (no bisphenol A), which is durable, impact-resistant, safe and reliable. It can make: pure fruit juice, vegetable juice, fresh soybean milk, fruit juice soda, jam filling, milkshake, ice cream, cocktail and other creative dishes with pure fruit juice and vegetable juice as raw materials.

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