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Daewoo Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner DY-XC06

Daewoo Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner DY-XC06

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*1.25kg Ultra-lightweight body, easy and effortless to use 

* Adopt advanced brushless motor, powerful vacuum suction

*Elastic hose floor brush, built-in steel wire, can keep brush head close to the ground, clean without dead spots

*Rotate the air in a cyclone to bring out the high-speed centrifugal force and increase the suction power

*Triple filter, adopts high-density HEPA grade, dust cup filter and air outlet filter cotton to discharge clean air

*High-density HEPA filter can effectively filter fine dust particles, and no dust will be discharged from the exhaust port

*Push-handheld combo, special ultra-thin brush head, only 5cm high, easy and convenient to clean the bottom of the comb

*Two-aaxis free rotation (90-180 degrees) is more flexible and easy to use, easy to clean the ceiling and absorb dust

*It can be used wirelessly after charging, it is more convenient to clean the car and carpet

*Less than 75dB noise and clean, quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners

*Suitable for rollers of various floor materials, which can be cleaned in one trinity of scraping, sweeping, and pat, effectively sucking pet hair out

Product Specifications: 

Product Name: Daewoo Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 

Model: DY-XC06

Rated Voltage: DC11.1V

Rated Power: 90W

Dust Collection Capacity: 0.3L

Power Adapter rated output: 18V 500mAh

Noise: less than 72dB

Host Size: 309* 106 * 233mm 

Color: White

Packing accessories: Host, Push rod, floor brush, tip and adapter

Safety Certification: CE

Battery: 2500mAh

Made in China

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